Our consultation examples that we often get by purpose of purchase

case 1Not to fail to choose your first small boat!

You might think that you would like to try as much fishing as you like in the ocean, not dike fishing. Or, even if a full boat is impossible, a small boat that does not need a license may be good.

But you may also think that though you wants a boat, but selection of the very first boat is uneasy. And of course you do not want to fail.

For such you …

case 2 To change to a small FRP boat without mistake!

You may be afraid that “Preparing and disassembling split boat is time-consuming and laborious,” “It’s too tiring for care boats since I came home …”.

Marine leisure, which should be fun, is messed up if it takes time and effort.

But in case of the small boats of Opacraft …

change to FRP boat

case 3 To enjoy boat fishing with children safely

Take the children and voyage together to the ocean. A feeling of opening that can not be enjoyed on the land, a comfortable sea breeze stroking the cheeks ….

By touching magnificent nature, children’s rich sensibilities are nurtured. In addition, while spending all around slowly, a conversation with parents and children, a blissful moment. Something like that ….

case4 To change to FPR boat

Retired! Released from work and finally to the second life! If you think you want to do boat fishing in earnest with your retirement, you would like to choose the lifetime boat. Yes, our  Opacraft split-type small boats are FRP made of durable material. And it does not take time and effort for after-maintenance.

Strongness: Three reason why Opacraft split type small boat is the best choice.

The Fender Float, super strong, super tough and even super easy to use!

For many years, Opacraft has been pursuing what kind of boat makes it possible for small boats to be easy to use and comfortable to use. In order to realize easyness and comfortness, Opacraft offers our original options. The first choice is the “Fender float”. By installing the Opacraft fender float to our small boats, safety can be ensured by “surprising buoyancy” that boat fishing can be done from the bottom of your heart with ease. One touch detachment and easy maintenance, convenience and durability have become the body of those who use it pursued. Also, for the first time in the industry, the manufacture and sale of small boats that can mount our floats is also certified as a business utilizing superior plastic technology from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japanese government in 2011.

Reason 1: why so safe!

The history of Opacraft is always with study of “safety”. It is because there is no comfortable boat life without securing safety. When paying attention to this safety, the problem as a small boat, in particular, was “easy to overthrow”. So at Opacraft …

Reason 2: Why so tough though the boats are split type

The boats of Opacrafts are split type small boat. Its attraction is lightweight and very easy to assemble. However, in general, boats with a lightweight construction with separation and joints tend to be concerned about strength and durability. To realize such a split type lightweight boat, which is strong but light and durable, Opacraft realized that …

Reason:3 Why so easy to use

Our design principle for boats and original options is “easy to use in all aspects”. From boat body to option, it is important that it is simple design principle. You may select a small boat because it seems it’s relatively affordable, easy to get started. But if it took time for preparing and maintenance with even a small counts of trouble, ruin your boat life. Originally, a small boat is a thing to enjoy with ease. In fact, many people chose “split type small boat” for cheerful use. So at Opacraft, …

Opacraft Design Philosophy Diagramme

Opacraft believes that safety, durability, convenience, these are the three major elements necessary for comfortable enjoyment of boat life. Moreover, these are meaningless unless they are formed in a well-balanced and high-dimensional form. Opacraft keeps such a stubborn policy consistently in all product development. That’s why Opacraft’s product development involves repeated elaboration and simulation of design, verification of various data, multiple step reviews and subsequent feedback from customers. Further…

Opacraft believes that safety, durability, convenience, these are the three major elements necessary for comfortable enjoyment of boat life